Here are 5 AGING HABITS you are probably doing to your face every day…YOU CAN STOP IT… TODAY….

Pay attention to these five face-aging habits and you can stop them right now – they will age you before your time!. I’ll bet you don’t realize you are doing at least some of them.…

Did you know that we are very often responsible for putting age lines in our face ourselves, as well as causing facial muscles to become prematurely limp? Lines and weak muscles start minutely…and can be encouraged or discouraged by our habits.

Certain habits can be responsible for premature aging of the face and weak muscle tone. These actions are easily stopped once we become aware of them. They are generally unconscious actions developed over the years.

In order to alter these reflexes, all it takes is a conscious effort for a few days, then new, more positive habits take over and become automatic! The best way to check these things out is to ask a good friend or family member to keep an eye on you to see if you are unconsciously doing any of the following: (Offer your very young children or grandchildren 25 cents every time they catch you for the next two weeks….bet you change your habits right away 🙂 )


1. Nervous Facial Habits

FROWNING: We all have to work on this one. Frowning too frequently can turn into a permanent frown without our realizing it. Do you frown when you read? Do you need new glasses? This is one you really need to ask a friend to watch for you.

RUBBING EYES: Yes, we all rub our eyes. But if you are rubbing often and too hard (not good), see your doctor to test for allergies. She may tell you eye drops will help sooth the eyes. Hard, continued rubbing of your eyes can break down the tissue of the eyelids leading to prematurely loose skin.

MOUTH: Turning the corners of your mouth down while thinking or reading and also puckering your lips (as when smoking) will eventually make premature lines permanent. Daily repetition of lip puckering and mouth curling can ultimately cause this area to look old before your time.


2. No Sunglasses

Wrote this book in 1977. Can’t believe how many FB Friends tell me they read it long ago… thank you very much :)

Wrote this book in 1977. Can’t believe how many FB Friends tell me they read it long ago… thank you very much 🙂

Wearing sunglasses is a must. The Sun causes us to squint. Chronic squinting, for any reason, creates and deepens lines around our eyes. In time, they will become a permanent part of the face. Ophthalmologists suggest, for better long term care, wear sunglasses of natural tone colors – brown or gray. They also say that wearing good sunglasses can help prevent the development of cataracts. I believe it.


3. Leaning Face In Hands

It almost sounds silly, but many of us rest our jaw or face in our hands while reading, or watching TV. If this is a regular, daily habit for several hours, it can even affect the teeth and jaw line…actually “move them.” This is especially true for children…keep an eye on their habits and tell them why it’s not a good idea to do this all the time.


4. Blowing Nose Too Hard

This is difficult to avoid sometimes. If you have a cold, sinus or hay fever don’t rub hard, or twist the skin around the nose and mouth area. Excessive stretching of the skin can loosen the delicate fibers of the epidermis and cause premature wrinkles. Just as important, the skin around the nose is easily irritated. The pressure, twisting and rubbing can cause tiny blood vessels to rupture, resulting in a permanent, tiny red line around the base of your nose.


5. A Baby Pillow? What Can IT Do?

Plenty! I have slept on a baby pillow (the size of an airline pillow) for over 30 years. While you’re sleeping, your face sinks down deep into a large pillow, causing, as you grow older, early morning lines in your face that take longer and longer to “thaw out!” As the years pass, those morning lines become permanent.

My baby pillow seems to correct this, since most of the time I do not awaken in the morning with those awful lines in my face. Try it. I also believe the small pillow helps prevent a double chin by keeping the head flatter, in line with the spine, allowing the neck and chin to stretch.

Wishing you a youthful face all your life…no matter your age!


Until next time,


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  1. What is a baby pillow?… Which one exactly do you sleep on? There are so many different types when you google ‘baby pillow’ so I’m not sure how to choose one! Please help! 🙂

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