A New and Deeper Way To Fight Wrinkles


If it does more for Oleda’s 80 year old skin – that is already in great condition – bet you can guess what it can do for younger skin!

OLEDA has the best creams and lotions available. …Creams to tighten pores, one that sloughs off older skin layers, one to feed rich nutrients into the skin’s surface, another to help remove dead cells, and a special rich nutritive day cream to wear all day, even one that helps strengthen collagen, and don’t forget the “cream” that is really an ointment with not one drop of water in the formula…. and more …

So what more could OLEDA bring to you.


How about a single PILL with 16 Wrinkle Fighting Ingredients that help
Fight Wrinkles From Within The Body!

wrinkle helpersOleda Baker, Age 80A Pill you put in your mouth once a day that starts working to help prevent wrinkles from DEEP DOWN UNDER …through the blood stream.- through the deep Subcutaneous Tissue to help build a stronger, healthier base for the surface of skin? These tissues support the Dermis which then supports the Epidermis.

These nutrients are all-important so, in addition to eating a good diet, I’m taking my new OLEDA WRINKLE HELPERS supplement in order to help build and replace collagen from deep inside as well as an added defense against cell-destroying free radicals.

One of the major reasons skin ages and develops wrinkles is through the loss of collagen, a naturally occurring substance, which is the main protein found in connective tissue that keeps skin plump and wrinkle-free.

NO, I’m absolutely NOT giving up my wonderful creams I use every day!!

Creams and lotions are really important. I’ll never give them up, but the skin has many layers and I want to treat and nourish all of them, not only topically, but also from “down under,” using the most effective, newly developed methods available.

I can`t wait until you try these wonderful little supplements and see the results for yourself! My new Wrinkle Helpers are available now exclusively to my friends and clients in limited quantities at www.oleda.com.


One thought on “A New and Deeper Way To Fight Wrinkles

  1. Can women who did not take care of their skin and who now have wrinkles, Jowl lines, and double chins possibly ever look as amazingly young as you do…or is it too late?

    Your picture at age 80 is amazing! How do you keep that smooth healthy youthful appearance?

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