Can you Age-Proof your bones…you bet….but don’t wait to start! See Oleda’s bone density test results!!!

No matter how old you are now you can start PREVENTING future bone loss. It’s good to start age-proofing your bones at about age 30, since that’s when we naturally begin losing healthy bone. Remember you can PREVENT Osteoporosis ….but it CANNOT be cured.

Oleda doing her thing!

Oleda doing her thing!

For proof that it can be done I have posted my latest Bone Density Test taken about two years ago at age 77. My doctor said the test showed my bone density to be equal to that of an 18-year-old. I have a bone density test done every 5 years and the one six years prior to that one, at age 71, showed my bones to be that of a 23-year-old.

Diagram below indicates my last 10-year Probability of Facture…It even surprised me. It reports that I have only a 1.1% chance of fracturing my hip!!!…I’ll keep you posted :):)


Here’s a personal incident I’d like to share:

When the doctor said I was “lucky” – I immediately set him straight!

About 5 years ago, I was running in a mall parking lot to throw packages in the car so I could shop some more…you know what I mean. My Espadrille cloth shoe got caught on a cement slab in the parking lot and I fell down hard. My shoe was broken and there was a big tear in my slacks as a result. People rushed to my aid, but, although my foot and knee hurt a lot, I told them I was fine and went back to shop.

When my husband saw my swollen foot and bloodied knee, he insisted I see a doctor, to which I reluctantly agreed.

After examining my foot, the doctor said, “You are one very lucky lady that, at your age, this foot is not broken.”

I snapped right back and told him it was NOT luck…it was PREVENTION! He asked what I meant by that, and, after I told him about my bone density, he gave me an understanding nod. We smiled at each other as I said goodbye. (There was nothing I needed for my foot other than allow time for the swelling to go down.)

So Take Care Of Your Bones…

We build bone in our youth. By around age 20, we generally have acquired 90 percent of our bone mass, and by age 30 it reaches its peak. After that, the rate of building bone slows to a halt and the rate of losing bone mass begins.

This must be compensated for or you WILL develop bone problems at some point, which could become serious – PREVENTION IS THE ONLY ANSWER for long term bone health. You can strengthen thinning, weak bones, but, if you should develop Osteoporosis, there is no return.

Of the estimated 10 million Americans affected by the disease, at least 80% are women. Women’s bones are more susceptible to osteoporosis because they are lighter and less dense and because women’s bodies experience hormonal changes after menopause.

Nutrition and Some Exercise for Strong Bones

Bones are mostly made up of protein and collagen and are mostly bound together by calcium and trace minerals. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium which helps in strengthening the bone. So be sure to get enough calcium (citrate), protein, and vitamin D. Protein is necessary also. If you cannot get enough of these from the food you eat, take supplements.

Your Hormone Level Is Important

I have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for years under careful supervision of my trusted GYN. I believe this has been instrumental in helping me maintain my bone density. I strongly believe in them for me…my body. They are not for everyone. If you are interested in looking into HRT for yourself make SURE you talk to a doctor who is up on all avenues of the subject…THEN see if they are right for your body. The therapy stirred controversy some years ago, but there have been new studies since then that have been positive. Again, to establish truthful facts, you will need a knowledgeable doctor, like mine.

Exercise Your Right to Strong Bones

Exercise for stronger bones does not mean “heavy duty” exercise. Weight-bearing exercises are best. This includes walking fast, dancing, tennis, and in general moving around a lot. Personally I am not a big exercise enthusiast – I like walking and using my treadmill.

So take care of your bones, it will pay off with Living Younger Longer!

Until next time,


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