Oleda’s Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day (and every day)

Your Eyes Apply Natural Looking False Eyelashes for more glamour and beauty     (I have worn these since the age of 26 when I first went to NYC to work as High Fashion model) Click here for instructions how to apply.  The eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. Eyes communicate—eyes tell so much Continue reading

How to Keep the Skin Under Your Eyes Looking Youthful

What You Don’t Know About the Thin Sensitive Skin Under Your Eyes Will Age You! Because the skin under the eye is very thin and sensitive, it is prone to puffiness, bags, dark circles, lines, and can give the appearance of a tired look.  It’s one of the first areas of your skin to show Continue reading

Is your makeup making your acne worse?

If you have acne prone skin, you’ve certainly gotten used to questioning EVERYTHING you put on your skin, in fear of the ever-dreaded “breakout” …and with good reason! Although acne is often caused by a variety of factors such as diet, poor health, and hormone imbalances, the products that come into contact with your skin Continue reading

A Healthy Scalp Equals Healthy Hair

  It’s no secret that healthy hair growth starts from within. Everything you do to maintain good health has a direct effect on the condition of your hair. This means eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding overly-processed, fried, and sugary foods and drinks as often as possible, and drinking plenty of water each day to keep Continue reading


Fashion never stops, and as women, we just try to keep up with it. Sometimes it’s hard. Trends happen so fast and with our busy schedules, who has time to worry about which shade of lipstick will be the “ in thing” in spring???…. Luckily, you have access to oledalifestyles 24/7, which means… you won’t Continue reading

Your FREE genuine Amethyst Pendant awaits!

This month, order any supplement kit of 3-4 bottles & get, absolutely free…. A Genuine Amethyst Pendant With Guaranteed Size of 2-5 Carats! Comes with Certificate of Authenticity And 18” silvertone cable chain The spark & beauty of this genuine Amethyst Pendant will shine forever next to your heart & will impress anyone! This stunning piece of Continue reading