Here Is My Important Hard Fast Rule to Have and KEEP Lifelong Youthful Skin

I Practice What I Preach!
And On THIS Subject

I Hope YOU Practice
What I Preach, too.

Follow this rule and see more youthful skin in 18 days.

Wrinkles: The most important thing you can do to stave off wrinkles is avoid direct exposure to the sun at all cost. If you must be out in the sun, use a sunblock and wear a wide-brimmed hat. If wrinkles have already set in, start daily applications of Vitamin C + E Cream or Advanced Peptides Firming Cream (or both), which help build collagen deep down in the skin and minimize existing wrinkles by tightening the skin’s surface as well as inhibiting new wrinkle development. Wear sunglasses during bright daylight, not only to protect your eyes, but also because squinting causes crow’s feet.  Also, frowning from sunlight will put frown lines on your brow. 

NOTE: To get the most out of your creams, you MUST “clean out” the pores of your skin completely by using an astringent to remove any residual oil. Pores must be clean and dry before applying treatments. Only then will you get the most out of them. 

Treat the skin on your neck the same way.  The skin on your neck is the thinnest skin on your body which makes it more prone to wrinkles and aging. Using the same treatment you use for wrinkles and dry skin can help prevent neck skin from sagging. For even better results, use a cream specifically designated for the neck. What’s more, good posture – sitting and standing up straight will give the appearance of a more youthful neck.

Hats for all occasions but with one thing in mind…my skin!