Hormone Replacement Therapy – Watch out for yourself, no one can do it better than you.

Hi Oleda, My Mom – Nancy Childers has told me a lot about you. You look Wonderful! I have one question for you basically but will give you some history. I am 47 years old. I look pretty good for my age — most people think I’m in my 30’s. I want it to stay that way. But I am noticing I am probably having pre- menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, especially at night, sweats, restless sleep, change in my hair texture now. I also am not regular on my monthly cycle like I was( every 28 days) has turned into every 6-8 weeks. I do work out daily. 1 hour minimum. all types of exercise from power walking to lifting weights. I am a size 6 and content! I also take supplements, Vit. A,E,D,C, Magnesium, fish oil, etc. I also eat healthy, and minimize processed foods. when I spoke to my obgyn, he simply states, you are not young anymore. This answer isn’t good enough for me. I want to know more about hormone replacement or if there is a healthy substitute for my hormones? I am at a loss — everything online says no don’t take hormones — they cause cancer! what is a woman to do ? – Kay Griffin

Hello Kay,

So glad you wrote, you are not the first person to ask about doctors brushing off the subject of Hormone Replacement Therapy. When they do this they are not up on the subject and know little about the facts and would rather not get involved.  I wish he could have recommended a doctor who does know something about it  and is educated completely in replacement treatments.

Once you find such a doctor, only then will you know what’s right for your body. All of us have different medical backgrounds so, with you,  he/she will decide what is best for you. .

Call a hospital or two in your area and ask them to recommend a doctor who is affiliated with them and  believes in, and treats, Hormone Replacement Therapy.  The symptoms you mention below are known to be helped — even eliminated — with hormone replacement.

Watch out for yourself, no one can do it better than you. (I have “fired” more than one doctor, I refuse to be a number)

Meanwhile here are a couple of blogs for more information on the subject.

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