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Get to Know Oleda – the Unstoppable Woman Behind these Amazing Products!

Oleda Baker modeled with the prestigious NYC Wilhelmina Model Agency until the age of 38 for companies like Clairol, Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, and more; she also appeared in prominent magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s bazaar and Cosmopolitan, as well as in TV commercials. During this time the unstoppable Oleda also authored her first book, “The Models’ Way to Beauty, Slenderness and Glowing Health,” with leading publisher Prentice-Hall.

But she didn’t stop there!…

In an industry where aging ends your career, Oleda simply refused this truth! She set out to prove that with proper lifestyle, products and healthy living anyone can become ageless! At the age of 39, instead of slowing down, Oleda set on a new adventure and pursued her passion for testing beauty and health products as well as all the popular anti-aging techniques. As she learned and discovered more she says, “I became fascinated with the potential to not just look younger, but also feel great at every age, while living a longer and healthier, thus happier, life!” Oleda excitedly shared her knowledge throughout the years by authoring nine more books, all aimed at shedding light on true ways to stay young, beautiful, energetic and full of health and life. But that’s just the beginning. As she’s always done, Oleda just kept on growing! She allowed no obstacle to get her in her way and this determination has led her to take on her biggest challenge yet: starting her own line of beauty and health products! “I was awake one night wondering why there wasn’t a cream on the market that would remain on my skin all night… one that would bring additional hydration to my face while also locking in my own moisture, so I wouldn’t wake up in the morning with papery dry skin.” “I decided it was up to me! I worked with a laboratory and developed the first OLEDA product, Wrinkle-Smooth Night Cream!” This was 43 years ago! Today Oleda’s ever evolving brand of over 100 products, her lifestyles blog, and her upcoming new book all prove one thing…

The OLEDA Brand is the Real Deal!

“The OLEDA brand of beauty, health and anti-aging products has evolved over the past 43 years, with each product created under my direct supervision, using only the best ingredients and the best laboratories in the country. All of the products have been designed to help us look and feel younger than our age. There are now well over 100 products!” -Oleda Her doctor says, “In all her annual exams, Oleda has consistently scored as would a healthy person at least 25 years younger than her actual age!”

So, what is Oleda’s current age?

Would you believe she’ll turn 83 this August? Oleda has found the secrets to remaining ageless…

(Hint: It’s not expensive surgeries or photo editing! Oleda has never had a facelift and you don’t need one either!) Now that she’s older, people are seeing her results and are paying attention! But that doesn’t mean she’s slowing down! Even at 81, she is saying NO to retirement and continues working on products and spreading information to help us all achieve our anti-aging goals. This allows Oleda to keep up with the dramatic, ever evolving, advances made in the beauty and health industry. She is also mindful about animal testing, recycling and biodegradable products. Being “green” is on everyone’s mind and Oleda is developing natural products without certain chemicals and dyes.

(Photo taken at age 80 + 7 months)

“There’s so much we’re learning about new ingredients and how they work,” says Oleda, “There’s just too much going on, always something new I’ll have to tell you about. My mission is never ending. I love it!” That’s the OLEDA difference! Oleda Wants to Help You Stay Ageless Too

Watch OLEDA dancing and loving life at age 81!….

A message from Oleda to you:

Aging is more than just physical changes, our minds and energy will also slow down too… but we can fight back! Our bodies are designed to be healthy and youthful-looking for many more years than we often allow it… and it’s mostly within our own control. Know you can achieve almost anything you want to, including changing your aging process! Think big but start small.  Take one day at a time.

Here are my Top Tips for changes you can make TODAY to take better care of your body and mind, and add many more healthy and beautiful years to your life:

  • Avoid obesity and over exposure to the sun! These two culprits are quick to age your body inside and out. Obesity taxes your body and the sun destroys your skin. Be mindful to always wear proper sun screen, stay active and be sure you are giving your body quality foods and supplements to keep it strong and youthful. 
  • Keep your mind active! Oleda makes sure to spend time reading, writing, painting or volunteering. Find a hobby and stick with it! The brain needs exercise too, so keep it busy to keep it young!

… And the number one thing you can do to keep your heart young, full and happy: LOVE YOURSELF! You can change your life and aging process just by changing the way you think about yourself. Love yourself and know that you deserve time for yourself. Schedule it into your busy life. I am here for you with information and the best products to help you reach your own ageless goal.




Oleda Brand Mission & Values:

  1. To offer women & men with products that will keep them beautiful both inside and out.
  2. Loyalty, integrity, reasonable product pricing, and a solid, hounored money back guarantee.
  3. Products that are not tested on animals, that are biodegradable, and the use of ingredients that are wholesome, tested, tried and proven effective.
  4. Keeping up with the newest developments in the anti-aging field.



Oleda’s Doctor Reveals her true age with blood tests. Watch the interview here!…..

6 thoughts on “About Oleda

  1. I have been following you since I was a young teenager. I am 59 years old now. I am looking forward to the next 20 years following you.

    • The next 40 years!
      And thank you, I always find it very touching when I get a comment like yours.

  2. You’re amazing!! Happy birthday, Oleda! Thank-you for your tireless efforts in getting the message across to so many of us. We must take care of ourselves and not fall into bad habits if we want to maintain our health throughout our lives. We can be active and vibrant if we make the right choices. So often people are unaware of the choices they have and the information that’s out there. Thank-you so much Oleda, for getting the information to us and for your amazing products. The quality of your products is outstanding (just like you!) and you give us so much information on the web and through your catalogues and books. I still have two of your catalogues from way back when! May God continue to bless you and your family! Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and products and for your upbeat personality! Love always, Mary Morrison

  3. Hi Oleda
    I discovered you yesterday by accident and the more I read, the more amazed I am.
    I think you could be my rolemodel /icon in life!
    Would love to meet you ….in the meantime, I would like to be your distributor in South Africa?
    Please send me the relevant details and contact person, please?
    Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to better myself!

    I truly believe that God put that 2001 magazine with your adverts in it with a reason🙏🏻😃

  4. Dear Fran,
    Thanks for your kind words. Could you give information about your business in South Africa and I’ll forward it to the proper person to work with you.
    Thank you.
    Oleda Baker

  5. please bring back the lipsticks for fair skin . I do not care for any red lipstick please bring back the apricot toast and pamper. when you had put a color kit for fair skin, it was really great. it took all the guessing out of my makeup. please bring back kit # 1 for fair complexions
    thank you..

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