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How To Reverse, Stop Or Treat Lines And Wrinkles [Customer Q&A]

Hi Oleda

Knowledge on anti aging would be really awesome.

Most of us know that prevention is better than cure but…. in order to reverse, stop or treat the lines that are already there would be great.

I use the entire Oleda range including the peptides and wrinkle smooth which I am totally addicted to, and I try to do as many of the little facial tips given but I don’t see a huge improvement after almost two years.

I have lines around the mouth area (I smoke) but I really try hard by not missing any skin care steps daily.

My skin is dry and I’m 51.

South African weather is harsh on the skin so education via internet on anti aging would be my number one request.

Have an amazing day.

Oh My!

How can I convince you to quit smoking?! You are doing so many things right but then negate it with nicotine and carcinogens, not to mention lip-pursing:) Cigarettes and the sun are the worst agers of skin. But I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new.

Everything in the body is interconnected, so we have to feed it from the inside and treat it on the outside …at the same time is best. That certainly pertains to your skin, which is your body’s largest organ.


Are you getting sufficient antioxidants in your daily diet?

In other words, are you eating enough fruits and vegetables, which are needed for the entire body, including the skin.[adrotate group=”4″]

Vitamins C, D, A and E supplements also help keep the skin young-looking. When the OLEDA site goes live again, look for OLEDA Skin Helpers… you’ll find many antioxidants in them to help dry skin.

One more point…

Keep your weight down and your bone density up


We think of bone loss mostly as affecting the strength and health of only our bones from the neck down making them brittle or developing osteoporosis. We may worry about losing inches in height. But I’ll bet you haven’t thought of how it might seriously affect the way your facial skin looks?

Poor bone density can cause the facial bones to atrophy. Made worse by carrying too much weight, the shape of your face can actually change. The skin on a shrinking facial frame sags and the skin is subject to deeper lines and wrinkles. Strong bone density and proper weight control result in a younger-looking face and neck throughout life.

I’m telling you this in hopes you will check with your doctor to make sure he/she orders a bone density test for you. And don’t let the doctor tell you your bone results are normal. Normal for what…for someone YOUR age or what? You want the results of the test in YOUR hands to see what “age” your bones are… the report shows this.

Make sure you are getting enough calcium and/or hormones (if you’re a good candidate for hormones) to keep your bones strong for life.

It’s amazing how good health and beauty go hand in hand.





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