Seven Beauty Tips That Can Instantly Make Us Look Younger…

Sometimes We Can Actually Make Ourselves Look Older! These 7 Beauty Tips Instantly Give A More Youthful Look.

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Some things we do take days…hours….weeks, even months, to help us appear younger looking. Then there are some things we go out of our way to do that make us look older. Here’s how to correct them:


1. An Oily or Shiny Face

A shiny face actually makes the face look older because the shine plays up the wrinkles and lines on the face…oil or shine exaggerates them.

Here is the answer: “Powder down” to blend makeup colors and “take off the shine.” TRY THIS TEST: Before applying powder, stand sideways to a window while looking in a mirror and study your face…the lines will be more exaggerated. Now apply powder. Return to the window with the mirror to see the difference.


2. Iridescent or Bright Color Eye Shadow

Don’t forget that manufacturers are there to sell – you have to pick and choose what flatters your face.

Here is the answer:  Remember, your eyes should steal the show…not the eye shadow. Here are some simple rules: 1. Wear more natural colors. My favorite is a soft off-white or light tone eye shadow on the lids and a brown or gray shade above the lids and a little above the eye bone . The off-white mostly blends into the eyelid skin after a short time to give a natural look.


3.  Purple, Black or Orange Lipstick

These colors can be aging and distracting to the face in most cases.

Here is the answer:   Maybe a soft orange is OK to fit a special garment color, but use a soft color orange if you must…one with a little brown tone in it – make sure your rouge color blends with the lipstick tone. Red should have a little blue color in it so it does not look orange.

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4. Dull, Dry Hair

Even if you have bleached or tinted hair, straightened hair or sun dried hair there are products on the market to get your hair back into shape. Dull, dry hair gives an older look to your overall appearance.

Here is the answer: Apply a good conditioner on hair and cover with a plastic cap then wrap towel around your head to hold the heat in.  You can also apply a “gloss” on the hair after washing and drying it – this is a clear very light oil to make hair shine.  You will love the more youthful and flattering look.


5.  No eye make-up

Going without eye make-up is fine if that is the look you like. But we look more youthful with at least a little eye make-up. It gives an alive look to our face as well as making us appear more glamorous.

Here is the answer: Click on “The ‘Real People’ Glamour Gallery” to Oleda’s Makeup School where you will see easy instructions on  not only for eye makeup but for makeup in general. You’ll also find 10 Real People Makeovers Before and After Step by Step.


6.  No Rouge, Too Little Rouge or Putting It In The Wrong Place

Well here is one of my problems. Often I worry about having too much rouge or not enough. I often ask my husband to take a look before going out. Sometimes I have to go back and tone it down!  Another rouge problem is WHERE to apply it.

Here is the answer:   When using rouge, apply it where the sun would make your face naturally rosy–except for the nose, of course–across the cheekbones, somewhat over and under them and tapered off toward the ears. Apply ever-so-little to the top of the forehead and up to the hairline blending so it is hardly noticeable. (Add a bit of color to your neck to make it look like it belongs to your face. See “The ‘Real People’ Glamour Gallery” for more instructions.


7.  Poor Posture Ages You

Never underestimate the beauty and health benefits of good posture. Often poor posture is just a bad habit that is easily corrected. Poor posture not only makes you look older, but could be the first step toward dowager’s hump, double chin, potbelly, and swayback as well as some internal problems too.

Here is the answer: To correct poor posture we must be aware of our posture all of our waking hours for a few days or weeks. Make a point to stand straight with shoulders back, chin up not down for a more youthful look!   Ask your best friend, your kids or husband to keep an eye on your posture and to let you know when you are not standing straight. This can help you get out of a bad habit. Don’t forget good posture when you are sitting for the very same reasons.


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