Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions? Oleda says NO!!

Here’s why

Waiting for the New Year to start a resolution is mostly an excuse to stall… or even worse…not to start at all. If you are serious, start NOW – or whenever you REALIZE you need to make a change.

Making necessary changes as we travel along Life’s highway is an absolute must, if we are to remain healthy, strong and youthful well into to our older years, and, yes, feel our best along the way. There are many aging habits and diseases we can prevent, if we take care of them as soon as we become aware of the problem…. keep waiting year after year and …well … you know what happens.

Our body is the most amazing machine we will ever own – it responds to our demands. So our only resolution should be:

“I resolve to immediately start making lifestyle changes (when needed) any, and every day of the year from here on out!”