Complete Skin Care For Ladies In Their 20s

Dear Oleda,

I have followed you and bought products from you for a long time. Can you please help me help my 22 year old daughter with her skin? She is breaking out (face) and is feeling very frustrated.

Please advise me how to proceed and which products to get for her. A list of links would be super helpful. Please say you will help us. She is using moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup base, powder, blush and concealer. She also uses a cleanser. I am asking you because I trust you.


Dear Debra,

Thank you for writing and the trust you place in me.

Let’s first talk about habits that may be working against your daughter.

We often place hands/fingers on our face.  Hands carry many germs and when you put them on the face without washing them the pores open up from the warmth of the hands and in goes the acne-causing bacteria. When you remove the warm hands the pores seal back up enclosing the bacteria.  It’s important to keep hands/finger off the face  and to wash them often. [adrotate group=”9″]

After cleansing the face and neck well, always use an astringent to remove any residual as well as possible bacteria left in the pores.  When treating acne use a thin washcloth rather than a tissue – the texture will reach deeper into the pores.  The OLEDA astringent has an Aloe Vera base, which helps protect the skin against bacteria as it hydrates.

For cleansing the skin I use Liquefying Makeup Remover but your daughter may like Enriched Foaming Cleanser… either one is good. You might want to take a look at our FOUNDATION as it, too,  is Aloe Vera based.

While treating acne, change your pillow case  every night – (can use the other side one night.)

We have a few moisturizers – she many like Nutritive Day Cream or Vitamin C Cream for a light moisturizer during the day and CELL-abration Formula II Epidermal Repair at night.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat less sugar, white bread, potato chips, sweets, junk foods, fast foods and greasy foods.
  • Eat more vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and fruits.

Let your daughter know this is not a life sentence, but to stay with it for  4 to 6 weeks or so and she should begin to see a big difference.  Keep us posted!




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