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Can We Live to 80, 90 even 100 or more and Still Look and Feel Good, too? Chances Are Better Than Ever…..

Here’s How to Realize Your Potential. I can say a little about this since I’ll be 80 this year. The trick is to think in terms of making many small, everyday choices….decisions that determine how the cells inside your body are affected by what you eat, don’t eat and how you treat your skin, hair Continue reading

Here are 5 AGING HABITS you are probably doing to your face every day…YOU CAN STOP IT… TODAY….

Pay attention to these five face-aging habits and you can stop them right now – they will age you before your time!. I’ll bet you don’t realize you are doing at least some of them.… Did you know that we are very often responsible for putting age lines in our face ourselves, as well as Continue reading

Surprised? Sugar has a long term negative aging effect on your skin

It may surprise you that sugar has a negative effect on your skin – not just blemishes either, but long term aging effects! There have been numerous articles and news stories lately about the negative effects of sugar consumption. Why does something we find so satisfying and delicious have to be so bad for us? Continue reading

Oleda age 79

Is Your Body Toxic? Toxicity Can Cause Serious Illnesses, Poor Skin, Poor Hair, Loss Of Energy And Inability To Lose Weight. You Can Fix It!

Toxicity Can Cause Serious Illnesses, Start Working on it NOW! My mission is to share with you any information I can gather that can give you a better, longer, and healthier life. The subject: The health value of daily elimination. Constipation prevents waste from moving through the colon easily, which causes it to remain in Continue reading