David Karzarian: All the men in his family die young of heart disease.

David Kazarian says, “EXCUSES will kill you.” David Karzarian is a friend of many years whom I met in New York. He owned several pharmaceutical companies in the Northeast and was president of a National Pharmaceutical Association. His company, Infuserve America, is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he now lives. Can we overcome being born Continue reading

“I Hate My Uncomfortable Bloated Stomach” – could it be caused by your digestive system…

Can You Get Rid of an Uncomfortable Bloated Stomach? It’s no secret that as we age it can become more difficult to enjoy a meal without suffering digestive discomfort. For every 10 years of life the pancreas produces fewer digestive enzymes and, on top of that, today’s modern diets are largely void of natural plant Continue reading