When it comes to hair loss, a lot of theories abound as to the cause. There are plenty of reasons why you may be losing your locks. You may be overstressed or deficient in certain nutrients or, you may find out that implementing a couple of simple lifestyle changes may slow down or stop the Continue reading


We all want beautiful, strong and lustrous hair. A handful of us may have inherited some good hair genes from Aunt Martha and some of us may not have been so fortunate. Whatever the case, acquiring and maintaining a healthy head of hair may be as easy as opening up your fridge and pantry. Here Continue reading

For The Love of Nuts

Nuts do more for your health than you may know I am forever being asked how, at my age, I keep my weight constant at around 120 Lbs. and my energy level so high. The answer is a combination of things pertaining to diet and exercise, but one of them is that I incorporate generous Continue reading

Adding this type fruit to your diet has proven to help preserve memory function as we age…

  Would you believe – Berries for the Brain: Free radicals break down the much needed neurons in your brain, so the many colorful fruits and vegetables that are packed with antioxidants are good for you in more ways than one In my last book, Breaking the Age Barrier, Great Looks & Health at Every Continue reading

CELLULITE: What Can – Or Cannot – Be Done To Eliminate It…..Here’s What’s Going On…

There are millions of dollars spent every year on “Trying To Get Rid Of Cellulite.” Here are the hard facts on what can, or cannot, be done … once and for all!! One of the questions I’m asked frequently by friends and customers concerns cellulite. That’s only natural, since it is estimated that 85% of Continue reading