Taking Too Many Meds Can Be As Bad (or Even Worse) As Taking Too Few

Here’s How to Check Safely A study published in the American Medical Association Journal (JAMA) found that two-thirds of older adults take five or more medications and supplements daily, up 14 percent over ten years. And 17 percent use medications and/or supplements that shouldn’t be combined. Dr. Michael A. Steinman, a geriatrician at the University Continue reading

Can We Live to 80, 90 even 100 or more and Still Look and Feel Good, too? Chances Are Better Than Ever…..

Here’s How to Realize Your Potential. I can say a little about this since I’ll be 80 this year. The trick is to think in terms of making many small, everyday choices….decisions that determine how the cells inside your body are affected by what you eat, don’t eat and how you treat your skin, hair Continue reading

OLEDA at age 77

Are You Safe in the Hospital? You have every right to fear going to the hospital – for more reasons than you think!

A couple years ago, my husband, Richard, had hip replacement surgery. The modern procedure, known as the Anterior Approach, whereby the surgeon need not destroy any muscle or tendons, has been made practical in recent years through the use of an extension to the operating table, known as The Arch, or The Hanna. It enables Continue reading

Your Ophthalmologist could save your life – he/she can reveal signs of your overall health looking deep into your eyeballs!! Really!

Your Ophthalmologist could actually save your life! Did you know your eyes reveal signs of your overall health? You have the right to this information after the exam…don’t be shy… ask a direct question if they don’t offer it. Our eyes are like windows enabling us to look out into the world around us, but Continue reading