Fashion never stops, and as women, we just try to keep up with it. Sometimes it’s hard. Trends happen so fast and with our busy schedules, who has time to worry about which shade of lipstick will be the “ in thing” in spring???…. Luckily, you have access to oledalifestyles 24/7, which means… you won’t Continue reading

Here are 5 AGING HABITS you are probably doing to your face every day…YOU CAN STOP IT… TODAY….

Pay attention to these five face-aging habits and you can stop them right now – they will age you before your time!. I’ll bet you don’t realize you are doing at least some of them.… Did you know that we are very often responsible for putting age lines in our face ourselves, as well as Continue reading

Your Ophthalmologist could save your life – he/she can reveal signs of your overall health looking deep into your eyeballs!! Really!

Your Ophthalmologist could actually save your life! Did you know your eyes reveal signs of your overall health? You have the right to this information after the exam…don’t be shy… ask a direct question if they don’t offer it. Our eyes are like windows enabling us to look out into the world around us, but Continue reading