Can We Live to 80, 90 even 100 or more and Still Look and Feel Good, too? Chances Are Better Than Ever…..

Here’s How to Realize Your Potential. I can say a little about this since I’ll be 80 this year. The trick is to think in terms of making many small, everyday choices….decisions that determine how the cells inside your body are affected by what you eat, don’t eat and how you treat your skin, hair Continue reading

By FAR what is the SINGLE most power packed food with nutrition, fiber & double the antioxidants…nothing else comes close…..

What is the best, most nutritious single food item you can eat? This one food Item is the most power packed with nutrition and fiber, and with double the antioxidants of the next best food item. Did you guess PRUNES? Yes, prunes top the list for nutritional food value. They contain twice the antioxidants as Continue reading

Is Organic more nutritious, better for you, taste better, worth the additional expense? The answer here…

FOOD: Organic or Non-Organic? Is the value really there? You may be surprised….. There has been a lot of information published in recent years about organic food, which has resulted in some confusion among consumers. What does organic mean? Is it more nutritious? Is it worth the additional expense? Does organic food taste better than Continue reading