Oleda Baker Asks : Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?

Oleda Baker, International Anti-Aging Expert  explains how to Age Less…Much Less over the years! Former NYC Wilhelmina Model, Author, founder of Anti-Aging company Oleda Ltd.  talks to you about: wrinkles * thicker hair * bloated stomach * hormones * weight * flabby arms *  anti-aging  * beautiful skin * body cells * bone density * Continue reading

Here are 5 AGING HABITS you are probably doing to your face every day…YOU CAN STOP IT… TODAY….

Pay attention to these five face-aging habits and you can stop them right now – they will age you before your time!. I’ll bet you don’t realize you are doing at least some of them.… Did you know that we are very often responsible for putting age lines in our face ourselves, as well as Continue reading