7 Simple Rules Proven To Aid Weight Management [Infographic]

7 Simple Rules Proven To Aid Weight Management from Oleda Baker Eat three to four hours before retiring each night. Make your meals last as long as possible. Don’t eat standing up. Keep lots of garnishes around. Stay busy. Cut down on your salt. Walk, an easy and fun way to take off even more Continue reading

Oleda age 79

Is Your Body Toxic? Toxicity Can Cause Serious Illnesses, Poor Skin, Poor Hair, Loss Of Energy And Inability To Lose Weight. You Can Fix It!

Toxicity Can Cause Serious Illnesses, Start Working on it NOW! My mission is to share with you any information I can gather that can give you a better, longer, and healthier life. The subject: The health value of daily elimination. Constipation prevents waste from moving through the colon easily, which causes it to remain in Continue reading

THE DANGERS OF SODA POP….Living Younger Longer

Plan to cut out all Soda Pop in 2014 – be healthier and lose weight. The Serious Health Dangers of Soda Pop (Carbonated Soft Drinks) So very often our health problems do not BEGIN on their own. WE encourage illness and disease little-by-little every day by NOT PREVENTING their cause. We even know better sometimes, but Continue reading