Fashion never stops, and as women, we just try to keep up with it. Sometimes it’s hard. Trends happen so fast and with our busy schedules, who has time to worry about which shade of lipstick will be the “ in thing” in spring???…. Luckily, you have access to oledalifestyles 24/7, which means… you won’t Continue reading

What’s the one ingredient in a makeup Foundation that is a MUST in order to nourish, treat & protect your skin against environmental damage & aging ….

  OK, I know you don’t want to wait until the bottom of this blog to find out so I’ll tell you right up front:   It’s ALOE VERA. Aloe Vera  in the formula  nourishes and treats the face and neck (don’t forget the neck) as you are beautifying your skin. I believe it’s the Continue reading

Make Your Large Pores Smaller Right At Home! The Secret To Camouflaging Large Pores Is As Close By As Your Makeup Tray! Here’s How….

[adrotate group=”6″]There are treatments that can help make your pores smaller if you wish but, meanwhile, here is an instant large pore camouflage makeup trick that will “hide” large pores. You won’t believe how it works until you try it! (We’ve all heard of applying cold water or a cold compress to shrink pores, but Continue reading

Want to make your lips more youthful and fuller (at home) right before your very eyes? Here’s how the models do it….

Here’s How The Models and Actresses Do It…. Models were using corrective lip make-up tricks many years before “show business or Hollywood” started overdoing, filling lips with silicone – some looking like a duck in profile. Corrective lip make-up for fuller lips is not difficult to master…it’s a matter of know-how and practice. You will Continue reading