Oleda On…Living Younger Longer: MOISTURIZERS

Moisturizers: The More Expensive They Are, The Better They Are, Right? Wrong! Government labeling regulations require that a product’s ingredients be printed on the container in descending order. Therefore, the first ingredient you see on a label is the one that makes up more of the formula than any of the others. Take a look Continue reading

Make Your Large Pores Smaller Right At Home! The Secret To Camouflaging Large Pores Is As Close By As Your Makeup Tray! Here’s How….

[adrotate group=”6″]There are treatments that can help make your pores smaller if you wish but, meanwhile, here is an instant large pore camouflage makeup trick that will “hide” large pores. You won’t believe how it works until you try it! (We’ve all heard of applying cold water or a cold compress to shrink pores, but Continue reading