Are You Your Own Pain in the Neck? Translated: Are YOU causing the pain in your neck?…

Things to watch for to help  keep a healthy neck… I read recently that 70% of the population will suffer neck pain at some point in their lives, often causing daily aching in the neck and shoulder area. Sometimes a pain in the neck is caused by an accident, like being rear-ended in a car, but more commonly, Continue reading

Peptides Promote Your Natural Production of Collagen & Elastin for A Smoother, Youthful Face & Neck

Did you know that aging causes the collagen and elastin in our skin to become destroyed little by little over time? As a result, eventually—sooner rather than later for some of us—smooth, supple skin becomes thin and wrinkled . . . . unless we take charge.   Enter Peptides! Peptides are tiny, short chains of Continue reading