Top three things you can do RIGHT NOW that will help you stay young.

1. At meals, put less food on your plate. Chew your food slower and longer than usual and put your fork down between bites. This not only helps you keep your weight down, but also aids digestion – a double whammy. 2. Eat junk food in moderation, i.e. 1 or 2 days a week. You Continue reading

Oleda age 79

We Have Many, Many Trillion Cells in Our Bodies – It is These Cells That Decide How Healthy and Long We Each Live…read on…..

Good nutrition has a great deal to do with cellular health and cellular health has everything to do with the way we feel, our energy level, our avoidance of illness and our longevity. And there are sure plenty of cells to feed. I tried to research how many cells the average person possesses, and I Continue reading

OLEDA at age 77

Even if you go to a fancy nail salon it’s no guarantee your nails will be strong &’s how…

  So, what does it take to have beautiful, strong, healthy nail? Even if you go to a fancy nail salon it’s no guarantee you nails will be strong and healthy…strong and healthy starts at home and inside the body. Many people say they’re having serious problems with their nails . . . some even Continue reading