Oleda Baker Asks : Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?

Oleda Baker, International Anti-Aging Expert  explains how to Age Less…Much Less over the years! Former NYC Wilhelmina Model, Author, founder of Anti-Aging company Oleda Ltd.  talks to you about: wrinkles * thicker hair * bloated stomach * hormones * weight * flabby arms *  anti-aging  * beautiful skin * body cells * bone density * Continue reading

Taking a Medication? Watch Out What Liquid You Take it With! Could Cause a dangerous Interaction….

When you take your medications, do you reach for a glass of juice or milk thinking you might as well get some nutrition along with the medicine? Stop! Take caution. You may actually be degrading the medication or creating a toxic overdose. Some citrus fruits and juices can affect the absorption of a drug’s active Continue reading

Oleda Baker

Best Antioxidant Homemade Drink: Keep The Cells In Your Body Youthful

This is an Easy-To-Make, All-In-One-Container Meal… and is my personal nutritional recipe I have used for years. No time to shop or cook? Need energy in a hurry? Just want to keep the cells in your body as healthy as you can? Make this drink! It’s filling, delicious and very healthy. I have this for Continue reading

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We Have Many, Many Trillion Cells in Our Bodies – It is These Cells That Decide How Healthy and Long We Each Live…read on…..

Good nutrition has a great deal to do with cellular health and cellular health has everything to do with the way we feel, our energy level, our avoidance of illness and our longevity. And there are sure plenty of cells to feed. I tried to research how many cells the average person possesses, and I Continue reading

Living Younger Longer: Get Back Your Thicker, Stronger Hair You Once Had

Don’t just sit back thinking there is nothing you can do about your thinning hair. If you just sit back, then there IS nothing you can do! [adrotate banner=”4″] Instead, take the bull by the horns, read through this column with hope, and you will know you can be in charge. Move over thin hair…you’re Continue reading

Is Organic more nutritious, better for you, taste better, worth the additional expense? The answer here…

FOOD: Organic or Non-Organic? Is the value really there? You may be surprised….. There has been a lot of information published in recent years about organic food, which has resulted in some confusion among consumers. What does organic mean? Is it more nutritious? Is it worth the additional expense? Does organic food taste better than Continue reading

Can you Age-Proof your bones…you bet….but don’t wait to start! See Oleda’s bone density test results!!!

No matter how old you are now you can start PREVENTING future bone loss. It’s good to start age-proofing your bones at about age 30, since that’s when we naturally begin losing healthy bone. Remember you can PREVENT Osteoporosis ….but it CANNOT be cured. For proof that it can be done I have posted my Continue reading