When it comes to hair loss, a lot of theories abound as to the cause. There are plenty of reasons why you may be losing your locks. You may be overstressed or deficient in certain nutrients or, you may find out that implementing a couple of simple lifestyle changes may slow down or stop the Continue reading


The other day, I was shopping in our local supermarket for some essentials (usually Richard and I do this together, but this time I was by myself). Richard had asked me to pick up a box of his favorite crackers, so I found myself staring at shelves full of them. I recognized the brand he Continue reading

Wrinkles under the eyes DON’T start when you actually SEE them. Here’s how and when they start. Stop it now…

You wake up one morning and all of a sudden see another new line or two around your eyes. Panic sets in…right? Your reaction is, “It just popped up overnight.” Well…not really. When you actually see the new line you should know it started developing long ago. This is often true of dark circles under Continue reading

A Doctor Friend once told me how he relieved his stress…no Pills and Easy to do…

…..he referred to it as a Total Body Healing Experience…. he was right. Yes, Your Body, Mind and Spirit Need a Break…here’s how…. Years ago a doctor in New York City told me how he relieved his stress at the end of the day… I never forgot it and have followed his advice most days. Continue reading