Things That Keep Skin Youthful To 80 And Beyond

Hi ..I just saw a FB page about you turning 80. Happy day to you. So many do not believe that your skin is natural. Many think you have had surgeries. Are you willing to tell us? I look pretty good for 61 too, I know taking care of myself works wonders. off to yoga.  Karen


Hello Karen,

There are several things that keep the skin youthful.

But first let me tell you I have always revealed that I had my eyes done in my 30’s, as well as some collagen later in life. I have never had a face lift. And no matter how hard people look in front, or behind my ears… even forehead 🙂 they find no signs of a face lift. If I ever needed one I would be the first in line to do so.

Many people who have had a face lift do not necessarily have a good skin. Proper creams, special facial exercises and, believe it or not, a strong bone density do much for youthful skin. How does that work, I’m sure you are asking.

People think of bone loss as happening from the neck down… if one has bone loss it’s from the top of your head to tip of your toe.So this means your facial skull has shrunk – add the extra pounds to the smaller skull and what do you have? Older looking skin. Problems of and in the body are not isolated…they all work together.

So my answer is to keep weight down, bone density up, protect the skin when out in the sun (very aging), and use plenty of rich creams both for moisturizing and treatments.

Here is one blog on skin “Wrinkles under the eyes DON’T start when you actually SEE them. Here’s how and when they start. Stop it now…” and there are others on

Take care of yourself as you seem to be doing. (good going to yoga) No one can do it better than you with an interest to succeed. I bet you will too!



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